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Super 8 - Argus Cube Replica

Collectable  |  Figurines & Statues  |  20 Jun 2018

Super 8 - Argus Cube Replica | Collectable

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... this is what it would look like. The Argus Cube, so named by the scientist studying the only alien ever to be captured alive, is a biomechanical miracle. Each cube is an organic magnet, capable of reassembling itself on an atomic level to fit almost any purpose.

The cubes, which appear in the movie Super 8 are the building blocks of the alien's spaceship. Essentially indestructible, thousands of cubes were recovered when the ship crashed on earth in the 1950s. Scientists studying the cubes couldn't determine their function until they applied an electrical charge that caused the cubes to momentarily form a part of the ship.

Using the 3-D solid model files used to create the screen-used props, QMx has created an exact replica of the Argus Cube in passive mode. With a polystone core, the exterior of the cube is plated with a smooth pearlescent coating, perfectly replicating the semi-organic, semi-metallic finish of the hero prop.

Not only is the Argus Cube one of the coolest prop replicas to own, it's also one of the easiest to afford.


Title: Super 8 - Argus Cube Replica

Format: Collectable

Release Date: 20 Jun 2018

Type: Super 8

Sku: 2388423

Catalogue No: QMXSP8-001

Category: Figurines & Statues