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Maze Runner - The Scorch Trials

UHD  |  Action  |  25 Apr 2018


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Maze Runner - The Scorch Trials UHD

The film begins with a flashback to a young boy, Thomas, being dropped off by his mother and taken in by scientist Ava Paige and troops of the organization called WCKD, along with other abandoned children. WCKD places the children in a walled maze in a glade as part of its scientific testing. Years later, shortly after being rescued from the Maze, Thomas and the remaining Gladers – Teresa Agnes, Newt, Minho, Frypan, and Winston – are taken to a facility run by Mr. Janson.

He explains that the facility is a safe haven, protecting them from WCKD, the Flare virus and the "Cranks", and provides them clothes, food, and sanitation, where other survivors of multiple mazes are also present.

Thomas becomes curious about their activities and manages to find out what is really happening behind the closed doors. With help from Aris, the first maze survivor to end up in the facility, Thomas discovers that WCKD's leader, Ava, is still alive and that Mr. Janson is really working for WCKD, when they discuss experiments on the Immunes and that Janson has yet to find the Right Arm, a resistance group located in the mountains.

The group, including Aris, escapes the facility, and Janson orders his WCKD troops to track them down, as they find themselves in the deserted outside world – the Scorch.


Title: Maze Runner - The Scorch Trials

Format: UHD

Release Date: 25 Apr 2018

Actor(s): Kaya: Scodelario Dylan O Brien

Sku: 2368021

Catalogue No: 95876SBG

Category: Action