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Afterlife An Abandoned Theme Park


Vinyl  |  Dance  |  18 Oct 2011


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(2-LP set) Imagine if Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, Boards of Canada and Frank Zappa had babies, lots of them. Some babies were charming and chosen, others illegitimate and rotten. They were taken from the sappy rectangles and raised in a forgotten old barn. Some grew into gentlemen, some into crackheads, some into family, some into devices of defiant purpose. They became a ship, right there in the woods, and conjured an ocean into your facehole, politely requesting to populate you with their gorgeous, dechristianized ghost panic.

Title: Afterlife An Abandoned Theme Park

Format: Vinyl

Release Date: 18 Oct 2011

Artist: Trayer

Sku: 2291635

Catalogue No: PRTR23.1

Category: Dance



Part I: Dar Pomorza: Aernsatz

Part I: Dar Pomorza: Supernumeraries

Part I: Dar Pomorza: Dissolvi

Part I: Dar Pomorza: Apple's Wwii Dream

Part I: Dar Pomorza: Air Elevator

Part I: Dar Pomorza: Stoemper

Part I: Dar Pomorza: Fellowship

Part I: Dar Pomorza: Amanogawa

Part II: Syntropy: Syntropy

Part III: Liquidation: Get Free Stuff

Part III: Liquidation: The Garbage Factory

Part III: Liquidation: Loose Caboose

Part III: Liquidation: A Smiley

Part III: Liquidation: Bobby Tryna Ride

Part III: Liquidation: Ice Cream Man

Part III: Liquidation: Steve J. P. W. N. S

Part III: Liquidation: Shootin' the Breeze