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Naruto - Collection 8

DVD  |  Anime  |  03 Dec 2008

Naruto - Collection 8 | DVD

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A new evil lurks in the wake of a village's destruction

Naruto and Jiraiya's journey climaxes in all-out war with Orochimaru and his skilled right-hand man, Kabuto. Naruto must perfect the Rasengan in time to save the future Hokage, but when Naruto himself needs saving, Tsunade must overcome her fear and join Jiraiya in beating down Orochimaru.The legendary Sannin engage in the ultimate Summoning battle, with their lives and the Leaf Village's future on the line. Will Naruto succeed in bringing back the Fifth Hokage and her supreme medical skill to heal the Village Hidden in the Leaves?

Title: Naruto - Collection 8

Format: DVD

Release Date: 03 Dec 2008

Actor(s): Maile Flanagan, Steve Blum, Richard Cansino, Kentaro Ito, Yasuyuki Kase, Akiko Koike, Mary Elizabeth Mcglynn, Nana Mizuki, Liam O'Brien, Rumi Ochiai, Michael Reisz, Robbie Rist, Naoki Sakata, Nozomu Sasaki, Stephanie Sheh, Steve Staley, Koichi Tochik

Sku: 2118162

Catalogue No: MMB708

Category: Anime

Disc Count: 1

OFLC Rating: TBA

Subtitles: English

Region Code: 4

Dubbed Languages: English, , Japanese,

Genre: Special Interest, Action, Action, Adventure, Adventure, Anime, Anime, Comedy, Comedy, Fantasy, Fantasy, Thriller, Thriller



93. Breakdown! The Deal Is Off!

94. Attack! Naruto's Fury of the Rasengan!

95. The Fifth Hokage! A Life on the Line!

96. Deadlock! Sannin Showdown!

97. Kidnapped! Naruto's Hot Springs Adventure!!

98. Tsunade's Warning: Ninja No More

99. Will of Fire Still Burns

100. Sensei and Student: The Bond of the Shinobi

101. Gotta See! Gotta Know! Kakashi-Sensei's True Face!

102. Mission: Help an Old Friend in the Land of Tea

103. The Race Is On! Trouble on the High Seas!

104. Run, Idate, Run! Nagi Island Awaits!

105. A Fierce Battle of Rolling Thunder!

106. The Last Leg: A Final Act of Desperation