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Tchaikovsky: Swan Lake/Nutcracker/Sleeping Beauty

Pyotr Ilyich Tchiakovsky

CD  |  Classical  |  01 Oct 2005

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Tchaikovsky: Swan Lake/Nutcracker/Sleeping Beauty | CD

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The best deal you'll probably ever see for the three great ballets of Tchaikovsky! Seiji Ozawa conducts the Boston Symphony Orchestra as they perform Swan Lake and The Nutcracker , and Mikhail Pletnev leads the Russian National Orchestra through Sleeping Beauty . It's all somehow squeezed onto 5 CDs-and at budget price-for the first time!

Title: Tchaikovsky: Swan Lake/Nutcracker/Sleeping Beauty

Format: CD

Release Date: 01 Oct 2005

Artist: Pyotr Ilyich Tchiakovsky

Sku: 1182998

Catalogue No: 4775153

Category: Classical



Introduction ?Swan Lake, Op.20?

No.1 Sc?ne (Allegro giusto) ?Swan Lake, Op.20 / Ac

No.2 Valse (Corps de Ballet) ?Swan Lake, Op.20 / A

No.3 Sc?ne (Allegro moderato) ?Swan Lake, Op.20 /

No.4a Pas de trois: Intrada (Allegro) ?Swan Lake,

No.4b Pas de trois: Andante sostenuto ?Swan Lake,

No.4c Pas de trois: Allegro semplice ?Swan Lake, O

No.4d Pas de trois: Moderato ?Swan Lake, Op.20 / A

No.4e Pas de trois: Allegro ?Swan Lake, Op.20 / Ac

No.4f Pas de trois: Coda (Allegro vivace) ?Swan La

No.5 Pas de deux: a) Intrada-Valse - b) Andante ?S

No.5c Pas de deux: Valse ?Swan Lake, Op.20 / Act 1

No.5d Pas de deux: Coda (Allegro molto vivace) ?Sw

No. 6 Pas daction und No. 7 Sujet ?Swan Lake, Op.

No.8 Danse des coupes (Tempo di polacca) ?Swan Lak

No.9 Finale (Andante) ?Swan Lake, Op.20 / Act 1?

No.10 Sc?ne (Moderato) ?Swan Lake, Op.20 / Act 2?

No.11 Sc?ne (Allegro moderato) ?Swan Lake, Op.20 /

No.12 Sc?ne (Allegro) ?Swan Lake, Op.20 / Act 2?

No.13a Danse des cygnes: Valse ?Swan Lake, Op.20 /

No.13b Danse des cygnes: Odette solo/Premi?re dans

No.13c Danse des cygnes: Valse ?Swan Lake, Op.20 /

No.13d Danse des petits cygnes (Allegro moderato)

No.13e Danse des cygnes: Pas daction: Odette et l

No.13f Danse des cygnes: Danse g?n?rale (Valse) ?S

No.13g Danse des cygnes: Coda (Allegro vivace) ?Sw

No.14 Sc?ne (Moderato) ?Swan Lake, Op.20 / Act 2?

No.15 Danse de fan?ailles (Allegro giusto) ?Swan L

No.16 Danses du corps de ballet et des nains (Mode

No.17 Sc?ne: Entr?e des invit?s (Fanfares) et la v

No.18 Sc?ne (Allegro) ?Swan Lake, Op.20 / Act 3?

Pas de six: Intrada (moderato assai) ?Swan Lake, O

Pas de six: Var. I (Allegro) und Var.II (Andante c

Pas de six: Var. III (Moderato) und Var.IV (Allegr

Pas de six: Var. V (Moderato) und Coda (Allegro mo

No.20 Danse hongroise (Cz?rd?s) ?Swan Lake, Op.20

Danse russe (Moderato) ?Swan Lake, Op.20 / Act 3?

No.21 Danse espagnole (Allegro non troppo. Tempo d

No.22 Danse napolitaine ?Swan Lake, Op.20 / Act 3?

No.23 Mazurka ?Swan Lake, Op.20 / Act 3?

No.24 Sc?ne (Allegro - Valse - Allegro vivo) ?Swan

No. 25 Entracte und No. 26 Sc?ne ?Swan Lake, Op.2

No.27 Danses des petits cygnes (Moderato) ?Swan La

No.28 Sc?ne (Allegro agitato) ?Swan Lake, Op.20 /

No.29 Sc?ne finale (Andante) ?Swan Lake, Op.20 / A

Overture ?The Nutcracker, Op.71?

No. 1 The Christmas Tree ?The Nutcracker, Op.71 /

No. 2 March ?The Nutcracker, Op.71 / Act 1?

No. 3 Galop and Dance of the Parents ?The Nutcrack

No. 4 Dance Scene - The Presents of Drosselmeyer ?

No. 5 Scene - Grandfather Dance ?The Nutcracker, O

No. 6 Clara and the Nutcracker ?The Nutcracker, Op

No. 7 The Nutcracker Battles the Army of the Mouse

No. 8 In the Christmas Tree ?The Nutcracker, Op.71

No. 9 Scene and Waltz of the Snowflakes ?The Nutcr

No. 10 The Magic Castle on the Mountain of Sweets

No. 11 Clara and Prince Charming ?The Nutcracker,

No. 12 Divertissement ?The Nutcracker, Op.71 / Act

No. 13 Waltz of the Flowers ?The Nutcracker, Op.71

No.14 Pas de deux: Intrada - Variation I/II - Coda

No. 15 Final Waltz and Apotheosis ?The Nutcracker,

Introduction ?The Sleeping Beauty, Op.66?

1. Marche (Entrance of King and Court) ?The Sleepi

2. Sc?ne dansante (Entrance of Fairies) ?The Sleep

3b. Pas de six: Adagio (Allegro vivo) ?The Sleepin

3c. Pas de six: Variation I (Candite) ?The Sleepin

3d. Pas de six: Variation II (Coulante) ?The Sleep

3e. Pas de six: Variation III (Falling crumbs) ?Th

3f. Pas de six: Variation IV (Song-bird Fairy) ?Th

3g. Pas de six: Variation V (Violente) ?The Sleepi

3h. Pas de six: Variation VI (Lilac Fairy)(Waltz)

3i. Pas de six: Coda ?The Sleeping Beauty, Op.66 /

4. Final (La F?e des lilas sort) ?The Sleeping Bea

5. Sc?ne (The Palace Garden) ?The Sleeping Beauty,

6. Valse ?The Sleeping Beauty, Op.66 / Act 1?

7. Sc?ne (The Four Princes) ?The Sleeping Beauty,

Pas daction ?The Sleeping Beauty, Op.66 / Act 1?

8b. Pas daction: Danse des demoiselles dhonneur

8c. Pas daction: Variation dAurore ?The Sleeping

8d. Pas daction: Coda ?The Sleeping Beauty, Op.66

9. Final (La F?e des lilas para?t) ?The Sleeping B

10. Entracte et sc?ne ?The Sleeping Beauty, Op.66

11. Colin-maillard (Allegro vivo) ?The Sleeping Be

12a. Sc?ne (Moderato) ?The Sleeping Beauty, Op.66

12b. Danse des duchesses (Minuet) ?The Sleeping Be

12c. Danse des baronnes (Gavotte) ?The Sleeping Be

12d. Danse des comtesses ?The Sleeping Beauty, Op.

12e. Danse des marquises ?The Sleeping Beauty, Op.

13a. Farandole: Sc?ne ?The Sleeping Beauty, Op.66

13b. Farandole: Danse (Tempo di Mazurka) ?The Slee

14. Sc?ne (Arrival of Huntsmen) ?The Sleeping Beau

15a. Pas daction (Vision of Aurora) ?The Sleeping

15b. Variation dAurore (Allegro comodo) ?The Slee

15c. Coda ?The Sleeping Beauty, Op.66 / Act 2?

16. Sc?ne (Allegro agitato) ?The Sleeping Beauty,

17. Panorama (Andantino) ?The Sleeping Beauty, Op.

18. Entracte (Andante sostenuto) ?The Sleeping Be

19. Entracte symphonique - Sc?ne (Auroras sleep)

20. Final (Allegro agitato)(Breaking of spell) ?Th

21. Marche ?The Sleeping Beauty, Op.66 / Act 3?

22. Polacca (Allegro moderato) ?The Sleeping Beaut

23a. Pas de quatre: Intrada (Allegro non tanto) ?T

23b. Pas de quatre: Variation I (Valse)(Golden Fai

23c. Pas de quatre: Variation II (Polka)(Silver Fa

23d. Pas de quatre: Variation III (Saphir Fairy) ?

23e. Pas de quatre: Variation IV (Diamond Fairy) ?

23f. Pas de quatre: Coda ?The Sleeping Beauty, Op.

24. Pas de caract?re (Puss in Boots) ?The Sleeping

25a. Pas de quatre: Adagio ?The Sleeping Beauty, O

25b. Pas de quatre: Variation I (Cinderella and Pr

25c. Pas de quatre: Variation II (Bluebird and Flo

25d. Pas de quatre: Coda ?The Sleeping Beauty, Op.

26. Pas de caract?re (Red Riding Hood) ?The Sleepi

Cendrillon et le prince Fortune (Allegro - Waltz)

27. Pas berrichon (Hop o my Thumb) ?The Sleeping

28. Pas de deux: Aurora and Prince Desire ?The Sle

Act 3 ?The Sleeping Beauty, Op.66?

28b. Pas de deux: Adagio ?The Sleeping Beauty, Op.

28c. Pas de deux: Variation I (Prince) ?The Sleepi

28d. Pas de deux: Variation II (Aurora) ?The Sleep

28e. Pas de deux: Coda (Allegro vivace)(The Three

29. Sarabande ?The Sleeping Beauty, Op.66 / Act 3?

30a. Final: Allegro brillante (Mazurka) ?The Sleep

30b. Final: Apoth?ose (Andante molto maestoso) ?Th