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Bloodlust by Body Count

Format: CD
Release Date: 26/01/2018
Catalogue No. 88985471182
SKU No. 2354197
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Body Count Bloodlust CD

Well America, you’ve gone and done it now – you’ve awakened a sleeping giant. This isn’t your parents’ Ice-T, the mild-mannered star of television’s Law And Order: Special Victims Unit, who takes his charm to affable new heights while selling lemonade alongside precocious kids in a current Geico commercial. No, this is BODY COUNT, the gangster-metal collective that made music fearsome to mainstream America, their renegade track “Cop Killer” sending politicians, parents and law enforcement officials into a proverbial tailspin when it was released unto the world a quarter-century ago. That’s not to say Ice-T and BODY COUNT have been silent over the past 25 years, but as Ice is quick to point out, you can’t start a movement if people aren’t willing to move.

 Sony Music Australia
 Body Count
Track Listing


Civil War (Feat. Dave Mustaine)
The Ski Mask Way
This Is Why We Ride
All Love Is Lost (Feat. Max Cavalera)
Raining In Blood / Postmortem
God, Please Believe Me
Walk With Me... (Feat. Randy Blythe)
Here I Go Again
No Lives Matter
Black Hoodie