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A-Z Of Rex Dallas: Volume One by Rex Dallas

A-Z Of Rex Dallas: Volume One
Format: CD
Release Date: 27/10/2017
Catalogue No. 3300306
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Rex Dallas A-Z Of Rex Dallas Volume One CD

Rex Dallas first appeared on local radio at the age of 15 but a year later, relocated to Sydney. His appearance on Australia’s Amateur Hour led to him becoming a regular on 2SM’s On The Trail And Hall Shows for the next three years. He later toured with Lee Gordon and made his first recordings for EMI Records in the early 60s, his first single being ‘Bicycle Wreck’. His versatility has seen him perform material varying from country to rock ‘n’ roll and even light operetta. Like many Australian artists, he is a very fine yodeller, being so especially devoted to Harry Torrani that in 1975, he recorded an album of Torrani songs. Rex holds the distinction of being the first artist ever to take the title from constant winners Slim Dusty or Reg Lindsay, when he was voted Best Male Vocalist at Tamworth in 1976.

 A-Z Of Rex Dallas: Volume One
 WJO Distribution
 Rex Dallas
Track Listing


1. My Swiss Miss Yodel
2. Ellenborough Falls
3. Old Wallerawang
4. Working Man
5. Yodeling Around Australia
6. His Spurs Are Rusty Now
7. Easy Lovin’
8. Yodel And Smile
9. Born To The Saddle
10. Song Of The Country
11. A Stranger In My Place
12. Miners Son
13. Bicycle Wreck
14. Rusted Love
15. The Old Briar Pipe
16. Love Song Of The Waterfall
17. Cuckoo Yodel
18. Gum Trees Are Falling
19. Australian Hot Meat Pie
20. White Crosses In The Jungle