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Brothers Angels And Demons by Angels

Brothers Angels And Demons
Format: CD
Release Date: 04/08/2017
Catalogue No. LMCD0330
SKU No. 2346427

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The Angels Brothers, Angels and Demons CD

This 2CD (36 tracks) represents a slice of Moonshine Jug & String Band, Brewster Brothers and The Angels – nearly 50 years of Music. It’s a collection of favourites and rarities picked by John & Rick Brewster. The album coincides with the publication of the first Angels book, The Angels through Penguin Random House in August.  “A band that changed Australian Music  forever” Jimmy Barnes

 Brothers Angels And Demons
 Universal Music Australia
Track Listing


Whitewash Station  
Save Me Some  
My Gal  
If You're A Viper (Live)
Do It Again  
Lives Of Grace (Live)
Shadows Fall (Live)
Passing Through (Live)
Engine Of The World (Live)
Waiting For The Sun  
Wounded Healer  
There Comes A Times  
Talk The Talk  
I Come In Peace  
Call That Living (Live)
Can't Shake It (Live)
Night Comes Early  
I'm Scared  
Back On You  
Into The Heat  
Shoot It Up  
Easy Prey  
Man There  
When The Time Comes  
Movin' On  
Soul Surgeon  
Invisible Man  
World Stops Turning  
Straight Jacket (Live)
Outcast Live
Dawn Is Breaking (Live)
After Dark (Skid Row) (Live)
Love Takes Care (Live)
Fashion and Fame (Live)