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Pop Guilt by Screamfeeder

Pop Guilt
Format: CD
Release Date: 21/04/2017
Catalogue No. 5748686
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Brisbane indie heavyweights Screamfeeder are one of this country’s most-loved bands, capturing hearts and ears with their blissfully noisy pop-rock. Now they’re back, better than ever, with new album Pop Guilt set for release in April.

 Pop Guilt
 Universal Music Australia
Track Listing


1. Half Lies
2. All Over It Again
3. Got a Feeling
4. Going to California
5. Shelter
6. Falling
7. Alone In a Crowd
8. Making It Up
9. Sonic Souvenirs
10. Karen Trust Me
11. Not Afraid
12. I Might Have Some Regrets
13. Sciatic Heart