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Walk The Road Together by Tommy Fleming

Walk The Road Together
Format: CD
Release Date: 07/04/2017
Catalogue No. 5747995
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Known as “The Voice of Ireland”, Tommy Fleming is equally at home in the pubs and clubs of his homeland as he is in the great concert halls of the world. His latest album ‘Walk The Road Together’ returns to the beautiful melodies and classic songs that have made his name, including The Parting Glass, What A Wonderful World and The West’s Awake.

 Walk The Road Together
 Universal Music Australia
 Tommy Fleming
Track Listing


1. Stories
2. Be All You Can Be
3. Come By The Hills
4. Angel
5. What A Wonderful World
6. It Was Only Ever You
7. The West's Awake
8. Shine On Me
9. The Open Door
10. I Rest In You
11. John O Dreams
12. Donegal Rain
13. Remember Me Moran
14. Walk The road Together
15. The Parting Glass