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Leftism 22 by Leftfield

Leftism 22
Format: CD
Release Date: 12/05/2017
Catalogue No. 88985388502
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Leftfield Leftism 22 CD

Leftfield - Neil Barnes and Paul Daley - one of electronic music's all-time greatest acts – have announced the release of Leftism 22, a very special reissue of their seminal debut album Leftism on 12th May.

Leftism 22 arrives 22 years on from the release of the acclaimed original, in a remastered version overseen by Leftfield’s Neil Barnes and Paul Daley. It will be available as 2xCD editions that will feature the original album remastered, as well as all 11 original tracks remixed by a host of artists, including Skream , Adrian Sherwood, BodyJack and Voiski, making 22 tracks in total.

Throughout the 90’s, Leftfield were untouchable live and on record, starting a snowball rolling for British dance music alongside outfits like Orbital, Underworld and the Dust / Chemical Brothers in breaking electronic music from the underground, onto the stage and into the charts.

 Leftism 22
 Sony Music Australia
Track Listing


Release The Pressure (Album Version)
Afro Left
Song Of Life (Album Version)
Original (Album Version)
Black Flute
Space Shanty (Album Version)
Inspection (Check One) (Album Version)
Storm 3000
Open Up (Album Version)
21st Century Poem (Album Version)


Release The Pressure (Adrian Sherwood Mix)
Afro Left (Hodge & Peverelist Mix)
Melt (Quiet Village Mix)
Song Of Life (BodyJack Mix)
Original (Adesse Versions Mix)
Black Flute (Ben Sims Mix)
Space Shanty (Voiski Mix)
Inspection (Check One) (Maafi Mix)
Storm 3000 (Dungeon Meat Mix)
Open Up (Skream Mix)
21st Century Poem (Zomby Mix)