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Endless Mile by Dead Letter Circus

Endless Mile
Format: Vinyl
Release Date: 12/05/2017
Catalogue No. 88985426531
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Dead Letter Circus Endless Mile Vinyl

In line with the bands 10th anniversary of Dead Letter Circus’s debut EP, the band have re-recorded & reimagined the songs in their rawest form.

The Endless Mile features 11 tracks, 6 of which are the debut EP plus 5 tracks taken from the bands 3x Aria #2 Studio albums.

 Endless Mile
 Sony Music Australia
 Dead Letter Circus
Track Listing


Side A
1 The Mile
2 Lines
3 Disconnect and Apply
4 Are We Closer
5 This Life Awake
6 Alien
Side B
1 Here We Divide
2 The Space on the Wall
3 While You Wait
4 Silence
5 One Step