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Black Roses/Blue Moon Junction by Jim Lauderdale

Black Roses/Blue Moon Junction
Format: CD
Release Date: 17/03/2017
Catalogue No. 3300281
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Two-time Grammy-winning singer and master songwriter Jim Lauderdale is both a "songwriter's songwriter," who's written/co-written many modern classics for iconic artists, as well as an intuitive sideman, who's enhanced the music of a bevy of esteemed musicians. As a solo artist, since 1986 up until now, he's created a body work spanning 28 albums of imaginative roots music, encompassing country, bluegrass, soul, R&B and rock. Along the way he's won awards, garnered critical acclaim, and earned himself an engaged fan base.

 Black Roses/Blue Moon Junction
 WJO Distribution
 Jim Lauderdale
Track Listing


1. Throw My Bucket Down
2. No Later Than Soon
3. Ride On
4. 13 Clocks
5. By The Horns
6. When Jones Came Home
7. Taking The Rap
8. Madame Macy
9. They Have A Saying
10. By The Yard
11. Tossing Pebbles At The Sky
12. Chase Me
13. Ebenezer
14. Black Roses


Land of My Dreams
13 Horsemen
Blue Moon Junction
Just In Case
Morgan Montague
Fox Tail Waltz
Liza Lou
Wet Behind the Ears
Let Me Be
What A Way To End
Lovelorn Rover
Soliatary Word


1. Let's Have A Good Thing Together
2. Past It
3. You've Got A Way All Yours
4. I'm A Song
5. The Feeling's Hanging On
6. I Lost You
7. Doin' Time In Bakersfield
8. A Day With No Tomorrow
9. End Of The World Rag
10. Neon Hearts
11. I Wish You Loved Me
12. Makin' Honey
13. Let Him Come To You
14. Today I've Got The Yesterdays
15. There's No Shadows In The Shade
16. Hope And Find
17. The Day The Devil Changed
18. King Of Broken Hearts
19. The World Is Waiting Below


1. Old Time Angels
2. Tell Me What I Mean
3. I Might Seem Like A Looser (But I'm Really Not)
4. Wild Blue Yonder
5. I Loved Her After All
6. Just Say You Want Me There
7. Losing Ground
8. I've Been A Fool One Time Before
9. I Don't Want To Be A Sinner Anymore
10. Let Me Make Your Day
11. Hold On Honey Hold On