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Back There/Drivers Seat by Tracy Killeen

Back There/Drivers Seat
Format: CD
Release Date: 17/03/2017
Catalogue No. 3300278
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Known for not only her infectious smile & unique vocals, but her entertaining performance on stage, Tracy has gone from strength to strength since releasing her debut solo album in 2007. Her touching first single ‘Brave’ remained at #1 on the Country Tracks Charts for four consecutive weeks and peaked at #15 on the Country Music Channel Top 30. This track, along with her album, earned her three finalist nominations in the Southern Stars Independent Country Music Awards of Australia for ‘Album of the Year’ ‘Single of the Year’ & ‘Female Vocalist of the Year’ and her follow up second single, 'Metrosexual Craze’ was also a Top 5 Country Tracks Chart hit, reaching the #2 position, & remaining there for five weeks.

 Back There/Drivers Seat
 WJO Distribution
 Tracy Killeen
Track Listing


1. All Kinds Of Beautiful
2. Good Friends & Good Times
3. Back There
4. Never Seen The Rain
5. Granville
6. A Little Time
7. My Dad
8. Take You Back
9. One More Gone
10. Letting Go
11. Way Into My Heart
12. Almost Feeling Good


1. Metrosexual Craze
2. Brave
3. Seen You Before
4. Something 'Bout A Storm
5. (Margaret & Vera)
6. The Yodelin' Blues
7. Don't Rush
8. Your Love's A Rock
9. Good Lies
10. Crazy In Love
11. Driver's Seat