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Raindance / Different Land / Modern Days by Markus Meier

Raindance / Different Land / Modern Days
Format: CD
Release Date: 10/03/2017
Catalogue No. 3300276
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Aussie’s love a successful independent, and it’s by no fluke that Queensland-based country rock Artist Markus Meier is exactly that. Markus has had #1 Country Music Radio singles, the top spot on the ARIA Australian Country Albums Chart and dual Golden Guitar nominations as well as touring Australia with country star Lee Kernaghan. Meier has come a very long way from teaching himself guitar from the tender age of five in the remote town of Halls Creek, Western Australia.
 Raindance / Different Land / Modern Days
 WJO Distribution
 Markus Meier
Track Listing


1. The Beating Heart
2. Red Dirt Country
3. Black Dog
4. Walk In The Rain
5. Hurricane Lamp
6. In My Boots
7. Southern Sky
8. Rain Rain
9. Rockabilly Roll
10. Take It Like A Man
11. Matilda Road
12. Katherine By Night


A Different Land
1. A Different Land
2. Hillbilly Town
3. Into Your Flame
4. Rope A Cowgirl
5. Boys Still Ride The Streets
6. One Of These Days
7. Backroad Traction
8. Jayme's Song
9. The Roaring Days
10. Willow Tree
11. Haystack
12. My Patch Of Dirt
13. This Old Dog


Modern Days
1. Blowin' Away
2. A Perfect Night
3. Small Town Joe
4. Modern Days
5. Restless Heart
6. Only Human
7. In Avalon
8. Born Beautiful
9. Leap Of Faith
10. Love Tumble