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Now / Wet Hessian Bag by Paul Cowderoy

Now / Wet Hessian Bag
Format: CD
Release Date: 10/03/2017
Catalogue No. 3300275
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Smooth, enticing, and deep, Paul Cowderoy’s voice will get in your head and stay there. The rich, warm tones of his voice and lyrics speak to his fans directly, like an old friend. With previous wins in the ISC International Song Writing Competition, the Australian Country Music People's Choice for Best Male Vocal, and a handful of Top 10 nationally charting radio singles, Paul is set to continue his rise in Australia and across the globe.
 Now / Wet Hessian Bag
 WJO Distribution
 Paul Cowderoy
Track Listing


1. Now
2. After Tonight
3. She Wants To Hold My Hand
4. Need To Need You
5. Could've Loved You
6. Emerald Eyes
7. Coming Home
8. Hold On
9. I'm Late
10. Picture
11. I Adore You


Wet Hessian Bag
1. Your Name
2. Wet Hessian Bag
3. Devil Didn't Win
4. Man Of Few Words
5. Ghost Of Johnny Cash
6. I Adore You
7. Thankful
8. Gimme That
9. Roll With The Punches
10. Your Love
11. Need To Need You