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Keep Breathing / Love And Therapy by Dianna Corcoran

Keep Breathing / Love And Therapy
Format: CD
Release Date: 10/03/2017
Catalogue No. 3300274
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Dianna’s look is fresh and country, but her attitude is hard working. Her ability to breakdown and rebuild a motor engine proves she isn’t afraid to roll up her sleeves and get her hands dirty. As a young adult, Dianna’s first interest in country music came in yodeling. After finishing high school, she worked three jobs, which were in recruitment, a dog food factory and a car parts plant, where she saved enough money to make her first record. Now, with over 400 awards, two multi-award winning albums and two Australian Country Music Golden Guitar Awards under her belt, Dianna is no stranger to success in the Country format in Australia. She has also worked with The Australian Defense Force and deployed three times to perform for troops serving in Afghanistan and Egypt.
 Keep Breathing / Love And Therapy
 WJO Distribution
 Dianna Corcoran
Track Listing


Keep Breathing
1. Thank You For Cheating on Me
2. Keep Breathing
3. Wrong Girl
4. Homeless
5. Never
6. To Be Me
7. Rocky Hill
8. I Just Want My Happiness Back
9. Here's Your Damn Song
10. You'll Always Love Me More
11. Come Back Home
12. Keep Breathing (Reprise)


Love and Therapy
1. God Did Good
2. Therapy
3. Blame Carolina
4. Not Ready To Lose (feat Gary Burr)
5. Hold On Lover
6. Feels Like Hollywood
7. Other Side Of Letting Go
8. Sugar
9. Ghost In The Passenger Seat
10. A Better Me
11. Mountain Boy