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Hard To Sleep Easy To Dream by Airling

Hard To Sleep Easy To Dream
Format: Vinyl
Release Date: 28/04/2017
Catalogue No. PIE013LP
SKU No. 2328598

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Airling's 'Hard To Sleep, Easy To Dream,' out via Pieater!

Produced by Tom Iansek and featuring collaborations with long-time friends Emma Louise, Fractures and Tom Iansek, 'Hard To Sleep, Easy To Dream' is the culmination of a lifetime of stories and two years of hard work from Brisbane-based artist, Airling.

Of the release, Airling shares, "These songs and stories have been a big part and a product of me getting to know life, death and myself - while at the same time expressing myself to others. Aligning my thoughts and emotions with songs and words. Trying to live life free of fear while still acknowledging its existence and exploring its pain. Learning to love myself so I can explore my ability to love others and my potential to create. I am insanely proud of this record."
 Hard To Sleep Easy To Dream
Track Listing


1. //Introduction
2. I am Just a Body
3. Take Care of You
4. Move Me
5. Give Me All You Got
6. Not a Fighter
7. A Day In the Park
8. Far Away
9. //Always Returning
10. Vessel
11. Bloodshot Blue
12. //There Will Be Good Days
13. Shut the Light Out
14. Roma Rose