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Mirrorland by Strangers

Format: CD
Release Date: 05/05/2017
Catalogue No. 88985403892
SKU No. 2327648

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On their second album, Mirrorland, firebrand heavy rockers Strangers spit and swagger their way through a soundscape of grinding melodic grandeur and flat out stomping energy. Inspired by some very personal demons, the band delivers a pulverising exhibition of creative redemption, finding something universal in the ashes of individual experience. Produced by Shihad’s Tom Larkin, Mirrorland carves a new benchmark for heavy music in this country, reaffirming Strangers as one of the nation’s most exciting talents.

 Sony Music Australia
Track Listing


1. God Is In My Head
2. Birthmarks
3. Fear of Nothing
4. Fever
5. Hex Mob
6. Sand
7. Mirrorland
8. The Wall
9. Straight
10. Flex 2230