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Afterlove, The - Limited Extended Edition by James Blunt

Afterlove, The - Limited Extended Edition
Format: CD
Release Date: 24/03/2017
Catalogue No. 9029585000
SKU No. 2327641
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Extended Edition features four additional tracks

He said he'd deliver in 2017 and now everyone's favourite singer/songwriter James Blunt has come through!

'The Afterlove' is the anticipated new album, Blunt's fifth studio release, and follow up to 2013's stellar 'Moon Landing'
 Afterlove, The - Limited Extended Edition
 Warner Music Australia
 James Blunt
Track Listing


1. Love Me Better
2. Bartender
3. Lose My Number
4. Don’t Give Me Those Eyes
5. Someone Singing Along
6. California
7. Make Me Better
8. Time Of Our Lives
9. Heartbeat
10. Paradise
11. Courtney’s Song
12. 2005
13. Over