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Automaton by Jamiroquai

Format: Vinyl
Release Date: 31/03/2017
Catalogue No. 5729766
SKU No. 2326998

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Global electronic soul funk sensation, Jamiroquai is back after a 7 year hiatus with ‘Automaton’. With over five albums reaching the AU Top 15 (and Two reaching #1), the Grammy Award winning, Brits-nominated band have sold over 26m albums worldwide and hold the Guinness Book of World Records record for best-selling funk album of all time.
 Universal Music Australia
Track Listing


1. Shake It On
2. Automaton
3. Cloud 9
4. Superfresh
5. Hot Property
6. Something About You
7. Summer Girl
8. Nights Out in the Jungle
9. Dr Buzz
10. We Can Do It
11. Vitamin
12. Carla