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Donkey Kong Country Tropical F on Nintendo Wii U

Donkey Kong Country Tropical F
Format: Wii U
Release Date: 01/12/2016
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Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze (Nintendo Selects)

It's On Like Donkey Kong On Wii U!

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is the first completely new Donkey Kong side-scrolling action game in three years, exclusively for Wii U!

In this adventure, the Kongs must reclaim their island from the dastardly Vikings of the northern seas. To do this, they need to set off on a journey around five different islands, plus the frozen Donkey Kong Island.

This will be the first game in the series to be in HD, bringing glorious detail and expression to the world. Depending on the stage, you can swivel or move the camera around to view dynamic scenes while enjoying the rich gameplay.

Along with Diddy Kong, Dixie Kong returns as a main character, while Cranky Kong is playable for the first time! Your abilities change depending on which partner you bring along, opening up new choices and possibilities. There's even a cooperative two-player mode, with each player controlling one of the characters and working together to progress through the game!

 Donkey Kong Country Tropical F
 Wii U
 All Interactive Entertainment
 Nintendo Wii U