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Weight Of These Wings by Miranda Lambert

Weight Of These Wings
Format: CD
Release Date: 18/11/2016
Catalogue No. 88985323052
SKU No. 2322134
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Grammy Award-winner Miranda Lambert, continues to share details pertaining to her first studio album in two years, 'The Weight Of These Wings,' released through Sony Music Entertainment Australia.

'The Weight Of These Wings' is a double album, consisting of 24 songs, including "Vice," the first single from the record.

Lambert has given each disc its own specific title; Disc 1 will be titled "The Nerve" and Disc 2 "The Heart."
 Weight Of These Wings
 Sony Music Australia
 Miranda Lambert
Track Listing


1. Runnin' Just in Case
2. Highway Vagabond
3. Ugly Lights
4. You Wouldn't Know Me
5. We Should Be Friends
6. Pink Sunglasses
7. Getaway Driver
8. Vice
9. Smoking Jacket
10. Pushin' Time
11. Covered Wagon
12. Use My Heart


1. Tin Man
2. Good Ol' Days
3. Things That Break
4. For the Birds
5. Well-Rested
6. Tomboy
7. To Learn Her
8. Keeper of the Flame
9. Bad Boy
10. Six Degrees of Separation
11. Dear Old Sun
12. I've Got Wheels