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Complete Whispering Jack - 30th Anniversary, The by John Farnham

Complete Whispering Jack - 30th Anniversary, The
Format: CD/DVD/LP
Release Date: 28/10/2016
Catalogue No. 88985376892
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To Celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the 24x Platinum selling Album ‘Whispering Jack’, ‘The complete Whispering Jack’ Boxset will be released which includes never before seen content from the recording of the album. This boxset will include the Whispering Jack Album, Live DVD, Whispering Jack Limited edition white Vinyl and 30 page Booklet. This is a limited release with only 5,000 Copies being produced with each boxset numbered
 Complete Whispering Jack - 30th Anniversary, The
 Sony Music Australia
 John Farnham
Track Listing


Pressure Down
You’re The Voice
One Step Away
Going, Going, Gone


No One Comes Close
Love To Shine
A Touch Of Paradise
Let Me Out