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Down To Earth

Down To Earth
Format: DVD
Release Date: 06/04/2016
Catalogue No. VVE727
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Upset about a new Broadway musical's mockery of Greek mythology, the goddess Terpsichore (Rita Hayworth) comes down to earth and lands a part in the show. She works her charms on the show's producer (Larry Parks) and he incorporates her changes into the show. Unfortunately, her changes also produce a major flop.
 Down To Earth
 Madman Entertainment
 Rita Hayworth, Larry Parks, Marc Platt, Roland Culver, James Gleason, Edward Everett Horton
 Alexander Hall
 Music & Musicals, Feature Movie
 101 minutes
 General Exhibition
 Dolby Digital
 English, Dolby Digital
 4:3 Original Aspect Ratio
 Via Vision
 Via Vision