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Small Town Big Shot by Fanny Lumsden

Small Town Big Shot
Format: CD
Release Date: 18/09/2015
Catalogue No. FL0003
SKU No. 2300442
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Equal parts sponge cake, red dirt and show-pony, Fanny Lumsden sings it how it is. ‘Small Town Big Shot’ is Fanny Lumsden’s Debut full length release, produced by Matt Fell (Love Hz) it is a beautiful collection of songs that combines classic country song-writing with sass and honesty. ‘Small Town Big Shot’ is a celebration of family and life in regional Australia.

It’s cracking alt- country with a whole lot of heart.

 Small Town Big Shot
 Universal Music Australia
 Fanny Lumsden
 Compact Disc
 Universal Music
Track Listing


Bravest of Hearts
Small town big shot
Land of Gold
Totem Tennis
Rattle and Your Roll
Sea Elephant School
I Choose You