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Restylin Up 20 Years by Christine Anu

Restylin Up 20 Years
Format: CD
Release Date: 19/06/2015
Catalogue No. SFR0034
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Christine Anu is an iconic Australian entertainer with a career spanning two decades. 8th May celebrates the 20th Anniversary of her debut album Stylin’ Up which catapulted her career with huge hits singles ‘Party’ and ‘Island Home’. This live re-record, aptly titled ReStylin’ Up 20 Years shows Christine’s versatility and maturity in reworking these pop anthems into a sensational jazz and soul collection.

ReStylin’ Up 20 Years also features re-recordings of ‘Ocean of Regret’ and ‘Kulba Yaday’.

 Restylin Up 20 Years
 Universal Music Australia
 Christine Anu
Track Listing


1. Wanem Time
2. Island Home
3. San E Wireless
4. Monkey & the Turtle
5. Come On
6. Party
7. Dive
8. Photograph
9. Love That Heals
10. Ocean of Regret
11. Kulba Yaday