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Red Light by Justin Standley

Red Light
Format: CD
Release Date: 28/04/2017
Catalogue No. 5204226
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Justin is an independent Australian country music singer-songwriter and entertainer. He shot to national prominence after appearing as a Top 12 Finalist on the Australian X Factor in late 2012 on a quest to find his children. Justin's ability to write and sing country songs from the heart continues to endear him to audiences across Australia and overseas. In 2017, Justin's amazing chart successes continue on the Country Tracks Top 40 Chart as well as a Golden Guitar Finalist (Qantas Link Best New Talent).

 Red Light
 WJO Distribution
 Justin Standley
Track Listing


1. Return of the Stockman
2. Hard Easy
3. Red Light
4. Nora Goodhelp
5. Little Ronnie's Ghost