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World Turned Upside Down, The by Warren Fahey & Luke Webb

World Turned Upside Down, The
Format: CD
Release Date: 06/06/2014
Catalogue No. RRR63
SKU No. 2269457

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 World Turned Upside Down, The
 Metropolitan Groove Merchants
 Warren Fahey & Luke Webb
 Compact Disc
 MGM Music
Track Listing


Our Fathers Came In Search For Gold
Off To The Diggings
The World Is Now Turned Upside-Down
The Rush To Glanmire
Going To The Diggings
With My Swag All On My Shoulder
Jolly Puddlers
Where's Your Licence?
Coming Down The Flat
The Nugget Family
Fine Fat Saucy Chinaman
Look Out Below
The Maryborough Miner
Dunn, Gilbert & Ben Hall
The Bail Up At Eugowra Rocks
Frank Gardiner He Is Caught At Last
The Mines Of Australia
Shipping Agents
Pint Pot & Billy
Sam Holt
The Golden Gullies Of The Palmer
A Thousand Miles Away
The New Chum Chinaman
The Miner