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Creation by Archie Roach

Format: CD
Release Date: 17/03/2017
Catalogue No. FEST601011
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A 4CD set, including 14 previously unreleased recordings and a 28 page booklet, from an Australian icon. Archie Roach is the highest profile Indigenous artist next to Gurrumul, and the most acclaimed Australian songwriter next to his friend Paul Kelly.

The Creation 4CD set features remastered versions of Archie’s first four albums – “Charcoal Lane”, “Jamu Dreaming”, “Looking For Butter Boy” and “Sensual Being”, which were all recorded for Mushroom Records between 1990 and 2002 – together 14 previously unreleased bonus tracks. It features deluxe packaging including a slipcase and a 28-page booklet featuring detailed liner notes by Jeff McMullen and Archie himself, commentary from Archie’s producers including Paul Kelly, and unseen images from the archives of photographer Pierre Baroni.

It includes all the songs upon which Archie’s reputation is based, including “Took The Children Away”, “Down City Streets”, “A Child Was Born Here”, “Beggar Man” and “Weeping In The Forest”, as well as a demo of his AFL footy song “Colour of Your Jumper”.

Creation comes one year after the release of Archie’s latest album “Into The Bloodstream”, which completed Archie’s remarkable comeback following the passing of his wife Ruby Hunter and his recovery from both a stroke and lung cancer. It follows the admission of his song “Took The Children Away” (featured here) in the National Film and Sound Archive’s Sounds of Australia Registry (alongside AC/DC and Kylie). Archie’s profile is now higher than at any point in his career.

 Warner Music Australia
 Archie Roach
Track Listing


Charcoal Lane
1. Native Born
2. Charcoal Lane
3. Munjana
4. I've Lied
5. Down City Streets
6. Took the Children Away
7. Sister Brother
8. Beautiful Child
9. No No No
10. Summer Of My Life
11. Took the Children Away (from Koorie Koorie cassette)
12. Koorie Koorie (from Koorie Koorie cassette)
13. Hung Over(unreleased from Charcoal Lane sessions)


Jamu Dreaming
1. Weeping In The Forest
2. From Paradise
3. Mr T
4. Love In The Morning
5. Tell Me Why
6. Walking Into Doors
7. Wild Blue Gums
8. So Young
9. Angela
10. Jamu Dreaming
11. There is a Garden
12. Weeping In the Forest [Live in Canada]
13. Tell Me Why [Live at Melbourne Concert Hall]
14. Walking Into Doors [Live at Sydney Opera House]
15. There is a Garden (Reprise)


Looking For Butter Boy
1. Beggar Man
2. A Child Was Born Here
3. My Grandmother
4. Dancing With My Spirit
5. F-Troop
6. Mother’s Heartbeat
7. Djubakai Woman
8. Hold On Tight
9. The River Song
10. Reach For You
11. Give Unto Caesar
12. Louis St. John
13. Watching Over Me
14. Beggar Man (Demo)
15. Dancing Shoes (Demo)
16. Nowhere To Go (Demo)
17. Colour Of Your Jumper (Demo)


Sensual Being
1. Alien Invasion
2. Life Is Worth Living
3. Just A Little Time
4. Will I See You Tonight
5. Mission Ration Blues
6. Outside Your Window
7. Many Waters Rise
8. Cold Wind Blows
9. Free To Be A Man
10. Morning Star
11. Move It On
12. Small Child
13. This Woman (Demo)
14. If You Grow Up Too Fast (Demo)
15. Mulyawongk (Demo)
16. I Don’t Wanna Go (Demo)