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Hunters and Collectors - Human Frailty by Hunters & Collectors

Hunters and Collectors - Human Frailty
Format: CD
Release Date: 27/07/2012
Catalogue No. BLUE0242
SKU No. 2212926

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Human Frailty is the sound of a band running on all cylinders. Though Hunters & Collectors had trouble melding their influences (funk, tribal rhythms, melodic hooks) into a cohesive sound in the past, on this 1986 album the band finally discovered their true strength; a balance of bass and drum-driven grooves set below punchy horns and counterpoint melody lines. "Is There Anybody in There?" is a particular standout with its unrelenting rhythm section. The band uses their three-piece horn section to great effectiveness on "Everything's on Fire" and the loping, lazy swing of "Relief." Human Frailty is anything but and remains a great album to begin an association with the band's music.

 Hunters and Collectors - Human Frailty
 Universal Music Australia
 Hunters & Collectors
 Compact Disc
 Universal Music
Track Listing


1. Say Goodbye
2. Is Anybody There?
3. Throw Your Arms Around Me
4. Everything's On Fire
5. Relief
6. The Finger
7. 99th Home Position
8. Dog
9. Stuck on You
10. This Morning