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Damned By Dawn

Damned By Dawn
Format: DVD
Release Date: 23/02/2012
Catalogue No. OEE004
SKU No. 2207673

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When The Banshee Cries... The Dead Will Rise

After receiving a mysterious gift from her dying grandmother, Claire takes her new boyfriend home to meet her family who live on an isolated property in the country. The family reunion begins well but Claire becomes increasingly uneasy with her grandmother's medicated mumblings about the banshee coming for her during the night. It's not long before the family's worst fears become their reality as the banshee and her army of undead arrive to unleash blood soaked fury on them all.
 Damned By Dawn
 Gryphon Entertainment
 Renee Willner, Bridget Neval, Dawn Klingberg, Danny Alder, Taryn Eva, Mark Taylor, Peter Stratford, Nina Nicols, Trent Schwarz
 Horror/Sci-Fi, Thriller
 81 minutes
 Strong Horror Violence
 Dolby Digital 5.1
 16:9 Enhanced, Widescreen
 Odin's Eye Entertainment
 Odin's Eye Entertainment
 Cast & Crew Commentary Making of Documentary Trailer