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Treasure Island (1983)

Treasure Island (1983)

Format: DVD
Release Date: 01/06/2011
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Intrigue action and adventure unfolds like a well-worn map as a cast of unforgettable characters set sail to Robert Louis Stevensons famed tale of colourful pirates and buried gold. Asyoung Jim Hawkins (Piers Eady) sets out on a daring journey across land and sea in search of buried treasure he is thrust into a series of spectacular and dangerous adventures-dodging athrong of bloodthirsty pirates and shady characters along the way. With Christopher Cazenove as the revered Captain Smollet Frank Gorshin (the original Riddler in Batman) as Ben Gunn and Treasure Island favourite Bernard Miles as the irrepressible one-legged Long John Silver this delightful musical version of the literary classic sails the heady seaswith rollicking set pieces and timeless travellers.

 Treasure Island (1983)
 Piers Eady
 Shock Records Distribution