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Lean Forward by Bottle Rockets

Lean Forward
Format: CD
Release Date: 02/03/2017
Catalogue No. BLDH20157CD
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2009 release from the American Roots rockers. In a country where interstates don't take you to new places, but to the same places, where everywhere you go you've already been or you've just left, The Bottle Rockets' new album absolutely nails a sound and a vibe with a palpable sense of place. Lean Forward is suffused with the determination and resilience of their distinctly midwestern roots; theirs is a celebration of pragmatism and tempered optimism, not the delusions and exhortations of glassy eyed zealots: they aren't going to fall for that. Oh, it's a flat out, smoking Rock record, too.
 Lean Forward
 Metropolitan Groove Merchants
 Bottle Rockets
Track Listing


1 The Long Way
2 Shame On Me
3 Nothin' But A Driver
4 Hard Times
5 Done It All
1 6 Open Your Eyes
7 Kid Next Door
8 Way It Used To Be
9 Get On The Bus
10 Slip Away
11 Solitaire
12 Give Me Room