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Big Barn Farm - Greedy Goat & Other Stories

Big Barn Farm - Greedy Goat & Other Stories

Format: DVD
Release Date: 27/11/2009
Catalogue No. KAL1711
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Petal the piglet, the embodiment of girl piglet-power; Gobo the goat, enthusiastic, inventive and greedy; Dash the donkey, thoughtful, kind (and easily the tallest of the gang) and Digger the Labrador pup, not the brightest dog in the litter but very, very cute.

Featuring real working animals on a real working farm, Big Barn Farm follows the day-to-day adventures of these and all the other farmyard animals, with children seeing this magical world entirely from the animal perspective.
 Big Barn Farm - Greedy Goat & Other Stories
 Shock Records Distribution
 David McKail, Rachel Victoria Roberts, Arbel Jones, Olive Pendleton, David Gooderson, Tim Wylton, Sion Tudor Owen, Bill Stewart, Paul Moriarty, Stuart Barren, Neil Phillips, Helen Blatch, Lindy Whiteford, Ralph Nossek, Claire Hackett, Matt Bardock, B
 Children & Family,
 71 minutes
 General Exhibition
 Dolby Stereo
 16:9 Enhanced