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Shake This Town by Jayne Denham

Shake This Town
Format: CD
Release Date: 16/12/2016
Catalogue No. DEN002
SKU No. 2127151

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Jayne Denham struck a chord with country music fans, especially the Ute fraternity. ‘Chick Ute’ was followed by album ‘Sudden Change in Weather’ which was touted as ‘a superb debut album’ in Capital News Magazine. The new album is a reflection of Jayne’s country rock style with a blend of reflective ballads and will be welcomed by her growing fan base.
 Shake This Town
 WJO Distribution
 Jayne Denham
Track Listing


Shake This Town
A Woman’s Touch
Wild and Free
Trucker Chicks
Girls Of ‘75
Road To Our Town
The Legend Of Feral Kev and General Leroy
A Farmer’s Wife
Note From a Soldier
Road Train Fever
Mad Professor
Beneath The Stars