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High School Musical - DVD Game

High School Musical - DVD Game
Format: DVD
Release Date: 07/04/2009
Catalogue No. G04830
SKU No. 2124426

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Whether you're a jock or a brainiac, it's time to round up friends and family, bring your coolest moves and "Getcha, Getcha Head In The Game" - 'cause now you're center stage at East High! Play in teams or on your own as you ace tests and puzzles, sing, dance, role play and compete with your fellow students to try and win a coveted part in Ms. Darbus' next big theatre production. Crammed full of questions, dazzling imagery and script excerpts from both High School Musical and High School Musical 2, plus fantastic video and audio clips from the original HSM hit, the High School Musical DVD Game will get you up on your feet as you "Bop To The Top" in search of Wildcat glory!
 High School Musical - DVD Game
 Walt Disney
 Zac Efron
 Music & Musicals, Interactive
 General Exhibition