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Macgyver; S5

Macgyver; S5

Format: DVD
Release Date: 10/04/2008
Catalogue No. DVD7248
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The Right Man When Things Go Wrong

Richard Dean Anderson stars as MacGyver, an agent for the Phoenix Foundation, a progressive agency devoted to righting the wrongs of the world. Even more progressive is the near-genius MacGyver who never carries a gun and always thwarts the enemy with his vast scientific knowledge, sometimes with little more than a paper clip and the duct tape in his pocket.

 Macgyver; S5
 Richard Dean Anderson
 Paramount Home Entertainment
Track Listing


Legend of the Holy Rose: Part 1
Legend of the Holy Rose: Part 2
The Black Corsage
Cease Fire
Second Chance
Halloween Knights
Children of Light
Black Rhino
The Ten Percent Solution
Two Times Trouble
The Madonna
Live and Learn
Log Jam
The Treasure of Manco
Jenny's Chance
Deep Cover
The Lost Amadeus
Hearts of Steel
Rush to Judgement