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Shadow Wine And Truth Lilies by Fiona Kernaghan

Shadow Wine And Truth Lilies
Format: CD
Release Date: 12/05/2017
Catalogue No. RRM006FK
SKU No. 2101047

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"Shadow Wine and Truth Lilies" marks the long awaitedreturn of one of Australia's most respected singer/songwriters, Fiona Kernaghan.Recorded at home with producer Daniel Kresco the album illustrates Fiona'sevolution and amazing journey as an artist and writer. It highlights a newstrength and maturity but doesn't lose any of the romance which was evident onher ARIA nominated debut "Cypress Grove". "Shadow Wine and Truth Lilies" isthe perfect way to welcome back this fine rock performer who shows no sign ofletting go now she has a hold of the real Fiona Kernaghan.
 Shadow Wine And Truth Lilies
 WJO Distribution
 Fiona Kernaghan
 Compact Disc
 MGM Music
Track Listing


The World Inside
You Can Call Me "baby"
Tender Is The Night
For The Love Of You (the Chocolate Song)
Secrets Of The Flesh
Thieves & Pimps Like Me
That's What I'm Here For
Where The Wild Things Are