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Star Baby [australian Import] by Honeys THE

Star Baby [australian Import]
Format: CD
Release Date: 12/05/2007
Catalogue No. OR094
SKU No. 2092114

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Once upon a time a young bunch of music makers from Perth ignitedmuch excitement with their debut album ‘Goddess’.Some fifteen years later The Honeys return with their follow-up album StarBaby. Why the delay? Well it’s a long story but the good news is that originalmembers Grant Shanahan and Bruce Begley have delivered some crackinggreat new tunes for lead vocalist Andrea Croft to deliver with her charmingvocals. Considered the then alt media’s brightest hope The Honeys havefulfilled expectations with 12 new tunes.
 Star Baby [australian Import]
 Metropolitan Groove Merchants
 Honeys THE
 MGM Music
Track Listing


Kiss Me Kate
One Girl Would
Dead Man
In The Sun
Veronica Says
I Couldn't Win
Always Worked The Railways
Living Dead
Forever Mine
Run Run
Star Baby