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Ghost Nation by Hunters & Collectors

Ghost Nation
Format: CD
Release Date: 01/10/2005
Catalogue No. BLUE0262
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From their humble beginnings in 1981, Hunters & Collectors created some of the most phenomenal Australian music. Initially labelled as 'experimental', the release of Human Frailty in 1986 took the band to a national audience and they never looked back. Subsequent albums of the likes of What's A Few Men?, Ghost Nation, Cut, Demon Flower, Juggernaut and the live swan song Under One Roof all maintained the emotional ferocity the band was famous for and delivered hit after hit after hit.
 Ghost Nation
 Universal Music Australia
 Hunters & Collectors
 Compact Disc
 Universal Music
Track Listing


When The River Runs Dry
Blind Eye
Love All Over Again
Crime Of Passion
You Stole My Thunder
Ghost Nation
The Way You Live
Gut Feeling
Lazy Summer Day
Running Water