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Telegram by Kate Miller-Heidke

Format: CD
Release Date: 01/10/2005
Catalogue No. KMH1001
SKU No. 1175024

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'...a sensational performance by Kate Miller-Heidke. Not only does she have one of the most beautiful, versatile voices imaginable, she's also confident, assured, spunky and funny. ' (Time Off, August 2002) Kate Miller-Heidke is a classically-trained singer/songwriter who has a high local profile and a diverse and ever-growing fan base. Her music has been compared to that of artists such as Norah Jones, Ani Difranco and Joni Mitchell, but her unique and distinctive brand of introspective pop has proved instantly appealing to a wide audience.
 Metropolitan Groove Merchants
 Kate Miller-Heidke
Track Listing


Space They Cannot Touch (3:54)
Monster (5:07)
Hello (4:28)
My Photo In The Newspaper (4:24)
Blah Blah (4:47)
The Truth (4:09)
The Day After Christmas (5:16)