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Sanity Points

Sanity Points

What are Sanity Points? Points are points you accumulate as a member when you purchase goods from Once you have reached 250 points, you will receive a credit of $10 towards any purchases on the website.

How do I earn Sanity Points?

One point is automatically issued and credited to your account for every $1 (tax inclusive) you spend on products on

Is there an expiry date for the points?

Your Sanity points will not expire. Your points will be allocated to your account once your goods have been shipped.

How do I keep track of my Sanity Points or check my points history?

You can keep track of your points balance and your points history via My Account.

Here you will be able to see the:

  • Number of active points: The number of points you have earned and have not expired or been redeemed.
  • Number of points reserved: The number of points you have redeemed on an order but have not been used yet as the order has not been shipped. If the order is cancelled for some reason, these points will be added back to your active points balance.
  • Number of points available: The reserved points are taken from the active points to show the number of points available.
  • Current savings available: The value of your Sanity Points where 1 point is worth $0.01 and your balance is over the 100 point minimum.
  • Total number of points earned: How many Sanity Points you have accumulated.
  • Savings used so far: How much you have saved by using your Sanity Points.

How do I redeem Sanity Points?

Once you have a minimum balance of 250 available points, you can use your points to pay part or all of your order when you proceed to the checkout. Upon using your credit, the balance of your points will reset to 0, to begin accumulating again.

Can I redeem Sanity Points in Sanity stores?

No. Sanity Points can only be earned and redeemed on this website. Sanity Points can only be redeemed in payment of an order at, will not be cashed, and are not transferable. If in the unfortunate event that the program is terminated, Sanity Points will not be paid out but will be deemed to have expired at that time. Any open orders where Sanity Points have been redeemed will be honoured.